//Good//Bye ()


*Final piece for this () series of poems*


Benefits of tonal shifts

The pressure encapsulating my heart

Dispersed, harnessed and reversed

From a dark pigment to an everlasting glow.


If I am to continue, on this journey

Darkness volleyed my way …

Love is all I need strive to return

From my end of the court, to yours.


To be who I need to be,

I need to acknowledge; let go,

The phantom pain…

We were not meant to be

And that’s alright… 

We embrace love in different ways

And hate you, I will not, instead

I will reflect on our triumphs;

Our cherished moments.


Unveiling my humanity, a rare sight to see

But, for you, I will

“You meant a lot to me

Good-bye …”

For real this time.

– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16



Plat ()


Make a fool of yourself, you need no help

Send somewhat colorful words my way

Your “best” rejoinders, sharpened to lacerate

Whats left of the pieces you made of my heart

But… Never assume my silence translates

To me having nothing to say, a favor,

For a fifth dimensional poet like me

Will relocate your brain case to the green veggies section

Brain dead state, from an overdose of enlightenment,

If its alright with you, i’d like to transition

My life force to the next world

Without a murder on my record.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16




The magnet for unsolicited disdain

By no small fraction, the very process ingrained

Through and through, my memories, I read,

Skimming the ink blots, bookmarking my favorite bits

My first love,

The heartbreak, a platform I used

To make excuses for the darkness

Realizing my mistake, Harnessing the light,

Finding peace, a crime to aforementioned paramours

Their hearts rife with jealousy, anger and pain

I allow my words to pass the threshold

Of the spirit realm

Acting as a chaser to their concentrated negativity;


Find me in the Himalayas drawing a fine line

Between dark and light

 Illustrating balance, 

For My Self.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: bebefromtheblock



Chimes From The Dark.


Within the realm of social media

You can either be a clown

Or a greater-message-via-cyberspace facilitator

She chose the former, no matter,

Flip the page, for there is yet another chapter

In which they continue to warn me

That she is attuned to the dark arts

I calm them down and ask,

Why they think I left her.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: BaxiaArt




She wanted me, while keeping another

Foolhardy attempts at fulfilling

That best of both worlds mentality

Indecisiveness left her torn over 

Unveiling my ethereal scissors

I made her choice, that much easier

As I, gracefully, proceeded to sever

Our poor excuse of a tether.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: sandrawiklander





Welcome to the endpoint

The by-product of the 72 hour turnover

Emotional re-assessment

Recalling what makes me so different

Its not the pondering;

Ruminating, on the already lost

Or wallowing in despair

Embracing the phantom pain

From external sources.

My approach to life

Makes little sense to others,

No matter, for their opinions

Are but wisps in the wind,

I am not a pawn on these four borders

This checkered grid

No, for I am that which holds

The chess board. 

A human will be the last thing

That contains the many dimensions

My character exhibits 

Through their own short-comings;

I will not let a fragment

Of my collective being

Be that which makes me

Deviate from my dreams.

For I draw the borders

Of my mental capacity,

I marshal the intergalactic thought process,

I give direction to thoughts that manifest

Straight out of deep space,

Never-mind the velocity,

The trickling in, of negative energy

Warp speeds mean nothing to me

Anger, depression, I fight

Through knowledge siphoned

From Interplanetary rifts

Making intrinsic, a dialect

Only a few know exists:

Being aware

Of a bigger world

That awaits us;

Out there.

 – Original-Dante ©2017

Art by:  cosmicbound



CLOUDs (Part 5: Final)


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CLOUDs (Part 4)


The knots on lifes’ string will not be

The definitive factor that breaks me

At the darkness’s behest, dark clouds hover

Carpeting the sky, attempts at 

Cutting my ties with the source;

Redundantly overshadowing an otherwise 

Gloomy quest.


Pain comes from where we least expect it

My quest for love did not go

As I had initially intended,

Instead, it took a turn, then another,

And then another …

I do not know what saddens me more

The betrayal, or my heart becoming accustomed to it.

Many great men have embraced the pain

Used it as an excuse to inflict

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it?

 Undoubtedly, this event will change

The established code

But not facilitate

Inhibitions that coil the light

In my heart

Instead, it will be that

Which I step on

To reach that

Which I deserve.

 – Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: MikkoLagerstedt


Moving On.


Maybe its time I severed the anchor

That tries on every occasion

To tear my heart asunder.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Raingarden

Untold Chronicles (Part 11)


Part 1-10 can be found here


Her existence permeated past her vessel

Etching the thought with that persistent scent

Reminiscent of red roses, left lingering

Long after her departure, fitting,

Direct correlation with that boundless

Sense of desire, love, passion

She carried, evoked, by just being,

… Not forgetting those thorns,


Mesmerized you could be

But clinging to her with a firm grip?

Was an open invitation

To bleed.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: shutter-bug664

Daily Prompt: Scent


Six Pages In.


Don’t fool yourself into assuming

You can understand this being

In ten thousand words or less,

ill-advised to attempt

Navigating the mind map

You see on display, as it has

More twists and turns than licorice.

Overtake me on the journey

To the center of my consciousness

Before rendering judgement

Or baseless understandings

On an existence that is not your own.

Before you learn how to touch the knob

To my mind palace

I circumvent the reality

You are trying so hard

To catch up to,

As I turn the page

To map out a new dimension.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by:  Lemmy-X