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Place your hand over my heart

Feel it pulsate, in tandem with the art

Feel it fuel my vessel with fire

In my veins, it resides

In place of what you call blood

My unparalleled transcendence 

Into a mobile torch of sorts.

That beat is a gift

That beat is all I need

To remind me 

That my role

Is far from fulfilled.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by:  haur




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Flying through ether

Guarantees a higher level of awareness,

The life I live entails

I’m blinded by clouds on a daily

Sometimes, the ever ambitious beaver

Tries to shoot me down

With ceaseless hate speeches,

Otherwise known as unparalleled kindles

To my kerosene filled pen,

They give a spark, I burn their words

From where they begin, to where they end.

I soar the skies,

Not to prove that I can

But to look for answers …

Take a break from making excuses,

Being a saboteur,

And notice

How there’s plenty of room

In the sky

For all of us.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Daily Prompt: Blur


Untold Chronicles (Part 11)

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Part 1-10 can be found here


Her existence permeated past her vessel

Etching the thought with that persistent scent

Reminiscent of red roses, left lingering

Long after her departure, fitting,

Direct correlation with that boundless

Sense of desire, love, passion

She carried, evoked, by just being,

… Not forgetting those thorns,


Mesmerized you could be

But clinging to her with a firm grip?

Was an open invitation

To bleed.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: shutter-bug664

Daily Prompt: Scent



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The lair was indeed long

Bend after bend

The light at the other end, seemingly unreachable

Darkness bordering on palpable

Which is why, I took it upon myself

To be a channel for the brightest shine

What better way to bring hope

Than to be that which combines

The light 

On both ends of the tunnel?

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: MarcoHeisler


When It Happens, Look For This.

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If it happens today

The elaborate chiseling of my epitaph

Six feet under, re-acquainting myself

With mother earth, how will you take it?

Will you remember me?

If so, how?

Will you remember me as

The heart on sleeve wearer?

The all in lover?

The harsh truth giver?

Or maybe something even simpler?

Just another black guy?

The poet from who knows where?

The writer who stared at his goal

With a steely eyed glare?

The Last Earth Bender?

Who could re-direct our planet on its axis

With words that took you to a time

Filled with regenerative bliss

Long forgotten or yet to be explored?

Will my enemies rejoice and see it

As a chance to think of a rejoinder

They couldn’t conjure when I was still

In my vessel? 

A shame, I won’t have the chance

To put them back in place, at any rate

All my past pieces could still play the part

Even beyond the grave.

Will that narcissist finally take the time

To read this post and finally realize

That my way of thought is in no way or form

Geared to conform?

Will she finally see all a did?

Will she finally escape from the confines

Of her own mind?

 Or will I just be another memory

She holds onto?

At the very least

When, and if it happens, today or tomorrow

Remember this place, my haven

For if you ever needed answers 

To who I am, what I do, or feel about you

Never say I forgot to leave you something

To look through.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Poli91


Compartmentalized Rage.

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They saw my poetry. They loved it. Then they tried to trick me into using my poems for their own benefit… Big mistake.


I look through

The glass ceiling

I see you peering back at me,

You crash through,

Land on my level

Only to crash through, again

Glass was never meant

To hold the weight

Of such a big head.

You sell humanity false dreams

Feeding off the seams

Of hope and all that follows,

What could’ve been is now

Just another chapter 

On my road to self-fulfillment

Your mistake was assuming

That I, was just another target

Mess with the prototype 

And all you’ll have left are stars

From the entire cosmos

Playing merry-go-round

Over your brain case.

Trying to make a quick buck 

Over my love for this?

No such luck, duck duck goose

You must have a few screws loose

If you think losing you

Is the be all end all of my passion.

If anyone lost, its you

I hold poetry in my palm

Tying the foundations of the art

With a decorative bow

Its a gift.

Undoubtedly you’ll find another

But like me? None other,

None other will tear the veil

None other will advocate for humanity

To the degree of who I see

When I look in the mirror.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Art by: cosmicbound

Daily Prompt:  Successful




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You became one with the void

Darkest thoughts tethered

With the night, covered in plain sight

Embracing the finer parts of the abyss

Intentions behind a smoke screen,

Not for long

And not a moment too soon

A touch of high noon

Left your darkest self exposed

Shape and form revealed

By the burning glow

On the terrestrial plain;

Your shadow.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Poli91

Incarnation Of The Freedom Seekers.

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Peace in the facilitation of my seclusion

Anti-social to you, zen for me

Tending to the demons in my dungeon

Seemingly trapped to you

But remember when Joseph came out of his?

This one seed was planted deeper

More to shoot through, worth it

Their faces, when my persistent existence

Helps them pull their hair out.

I promise to be a thorn in your side

Capsize your will to fight

With little to no effort

Never my intention,

Passive buffer of my aura

Plus a by-product of your choice

To loathe me.

A waste of time

For I am that which you can’t explain

That which you wish to understand

The extra-terrestrial approach of the star-seed

400 year incarnation of the freedom seekers

Dark matter manipulator

Gatekeeper to the center;

Our collective consciousness,  

Champion, of the Black Star.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: kapanaga