A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)




You catch me off guard

As I write with Earth revolving

On my ballpoint, affixed on that axis

Better illustrated as “the rest of my pen”.


The look on your face I fail to distinguish

And that’s what I love, you are that veritable –

Closely associated to – unsolvable puzzle –

I wish to – but never want to solve.


I tend to talk too much in a bid to be transparent

Perhaps I should let you speak this time around






You know, I find it fascinating how we met,

A match that goes beyond the usual swipe to the right;

I may be many things, but trust me when I say

I value loyalty and honesty above all else.


Which is why when it comes to you,

I give everything I have, for being here

Even when you have better things to do

Touches my heart, yes, contrary to popular belief

I have one too ❤


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)


They say when you turn on the light

Darkness subsides

So, given my outlook

Would the rising sun

Or flipping the switch,

Leave my form In a state of fictitiousness?


Aforementioned verse exhibits

A layered set of words with underlying connotations

Eternal conflict between dark and light, black and white

Relaying the same concept in a different context,

My race; humour denoting how comfortable I am

In my own skin.


Poet by terrestrial definition

Aware of the many strings tugged to bring about

Motions intent on furthering human condition,


She said I have horns on my head,

I don’t dispute what she chose to see in me

Consider this: of the many facets, that bind my being,

She subconsciously resonated with what she knows she is.


Too much, too soon?

Regardless, I’m glad you could make time,

Listening to the textile approach of the Star-Seed,

Perhaps we’ll have another date

Where I delve even deeper

Into the Lonsdaleite that holds my burning spirit.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky











I dare you to show me

What you think I won’t like about you,

Be surprised

When the idealist in me twists it

Into a fantasy

That best suits me,

And you.


– O.D. ©2018



When I need

Your definition of me,

I’ll give it to you.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



How you love hearing me

Speak words

Does not compare

To my ceaseless zeal

In anticipation of you receiving them.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



Prior to this, I was a funambulist

Walking a fine line between dark and light

Now, I can confidently say

I play jump rope with the threshold

That binds night and day.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



Through my writing

I will plant a seed of hope

In the darkest crevices of your mind

Like that phantom vibration syndrome

Experience unforeseen

Yet euphoric sensations

In your darkest moments 

As you feel the light from my essence

Shine, even in the face of my absence.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  UnidColor



We may be under the same sky 

But what you see as moving clouds 

My selective attention readjusts and dictates

As me moving this planet to a better place.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  RHADS




When threads of thought loom

Into a pattern, subsequently laced

Post-external suggestions

They expand; seek escape,

Good or bad, their cultivation, gives them power 

Eventually, wishing to make themselves known

They, subtly make you aware 

By impulsively

Making your vessel act.


 – O.D. ©2017


Art by: merl1ncz

All Together Now (Collaboration)


Another collaboration with my friend Kim from the blog Peace, Love and Patchouli

Always a pleasure and enlightening experience working with her. Our words weaved together into one; leaving me inspired and hopeful for another project later in the future 🙂 . Visit her blog and bear witness to how she brings light into the world through her amazing writing.


Invisible hands move slowly

Softly melding in to touch the coolness

I am created piece by piece

Sheltered in the warmth

I wait to serve.


In unison, I pour

The best of me and you

Molded formation of love and truth

Allotropes of the light

Touch gifted by none other

Than the most divine.


I feel you through each finger tip,

Forming my soul with such an innocence

And as seen through your eyes

You make me whole

And through my imperfection

I feel beautiful

Inside and out.


Kneaded, to a standard reflective of

How much we’re needed

Nature of our design sparks emulation

Feel the presence in our stillness

Look at us, witness your reflection

Through our rich definitive finish

Another love letter

From our Maker.


We stand together

Unique in our collective being

Standing tall and ready

To serve the needs of the starving soul,

To refill where there is an emptiness

With hope and love for all.


Peace, Love and Patchouli & O.D. ©2017